Affordable Squishy Store To Be Open

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So like I reported the very first I don`t know several person will have the squishy they wanted.
Canada and Usa ONLY

You can chose from these detail(several as you want but not all):

1. Squishy Bun iphone circumstance
2. Rilakkuma Toast iphone circumstance
three. Smaller Panda Bun
4. Bitten Donut
five. Full circle Donut
6. Mini Melon Bun
7. Mini Squishy Bun
8. Waffle
9. Rilakkuma Donut
ten. Disney Toast
11. Cracking Audio Chocolate
twelve. Rilakkuma Sandwich
thirteen. Rilakuma Cake Roll
14. Disney Re-mant Squishy
15. Significant Panda Bun
sixteen. Hi Kitty Waffle
seventeen. Hi Kittey Cakes/Pastry Re-ment
eighteen. Disney Donut Re-Ment
19. Hi Kitty Pageant Re-ment
20. Disney cookie Keychains
21. Hi Kitty Cookie Keychain Re-ment
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