How To Factory Unlock Any AT&T Apple iphone Significantly less Than $five

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How to factory unlock your AT&T. This is how I unlocked my Apple iphone five for underneath $five
$4.ninety nine AT&T Factory Unlocks at
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  1. I was sick of trying site after site, get your 5 unlocked for free at, its really easy to use and they get your 5 unlocked quickly. Really glad i have it unlocked now.

  2. Hey TY found your video on this last week I took an iphone 4S I found and about 22 23 hours later mine was factory unlocked for that same price and works great. THANX so much. But everyone must know that your iphone will be unlocked but you must backup, restore then update on itunes because my lady was mad at me when the phone did not work. I had to explain to her to plug to itunes and follow the backup, restore and update. Then the phone is fine ATT to T-mobile YAY!!!

  3. I have a quick question, I got my phone unlocked on ebay by giving them my IMEI #.
    They said it was finally unlocked and then I had to restore. For some reasons it doesn't work, do you possibly know whats the problem?

  4. WATCH OUT !!! SCAMMER ALERT !!! Theese people got thousands of feedback selling crap!! Nobody talks what happened after a few weeks of purchache!!! My iphone got banned from the network as well, now i can only use it as an iPod, thanks for the nice and easy unlocking method!!

  5. @Kis Albert take it up with ebay buyer protection. I really don't see how your phone could be bricked when all that is required is to plug it into iTunes with a new sim. I've never seen or heard of that and trust me I've factory unlocked a LOT of iPhones

  6. Jesus christ, watch out! Theese are SCAMMERS on ebay! Strange that someone promotes them, they bricked my iPhone!! For some time it was fine but suddenly its IMEI number got banned after 3 weeks!! I will contact AT&T to get it back, i hope they will restore it, i really hope.

  7. hey, i got an iphone 4 on ios6 and i got it factory unlocked, but its just says searching or no service, it was originally locked to at&t. ive tried putting an att sim and a tmobile sim and they both havent worked, do you have any ideas what i could do?