Sacconejoly Advent Calender Opening – Secrets Revealed

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► Sacconejoly Advent Calendar Opening – Him & Her


What was this video about?

We got the new calender for christmas and thought we’d share with the people that didn’t manage to get one, I don’t know how hard to get hold of these were but if you didn’t get one you can share the joy with us! If you want us to do a calender giveaway then let us know on twitter! Love you peepssss. Tom and Libby…


  1. OMG Tom and Libby got a commet from Anna and the saccone jolys page.
    I'm so so so glad you did this because I've been dying to see inside and I wasn't able to get either. The photos were amazing x

  2. Tom&Lib I just want to say I found your channel through your comment on a sacconejoly video. 10 seconds in and I have fallen in love with your channel I subscribed straight away. I can't wait to join you on your YouTube journey and see your channel grow. I love your relationship and you two have a great connection and I love the way Tom adores you Libby and how you guys never take things too seriously. you guys kind of in a way remind me of poppy and Sean (Alfie &Zoes friend) I'm so glad I've found your channel and can't wait for more❤❤

  3. Its happened again i was like who on earth is Sacconejoly there talking about lost me lol.
    oh and Tom remember to put Libs clock FORWARD an hour tonight, not a word alright lol.

  4. Omg, I just got my calendar the other day & SUPER EXCITED that I was able to get the advent calendar as well!!! ☺️
    Thank You for the video as I'm letting my daughter eat the chocolates each day of December (however I WAS anxious to see what was inside?)